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. >>> welcome back to the second half of outfront. baseball player alex rodriguez continuing to fight his suspension. he filed a federal lawsuit against the mlb association and baseball commissioner's office in an effort to overturn an arbitrator panel decision. rodriguez alleges the arbitrator in the case was biassed. reduced the suspension from 211 games to 162 games. major league baseball association executive director tony clark responded to the suit by saying the claim is completely without merit. >>> one man is dead after a shooting at a florida movie theater. pasco county sheriff tells cnn it began when the victim started texting on the cell phone. it led to a violent. only one shot was fired. a witness said this occurred during the previews to the movie "lone survivor." >>> it is no secret that toronto mayor rob ford likes to have a good time. instagram shows the mayor hanging out with patrons but none of the pictures shows the mayor drinking. ford's brother serving as manager of the mayor's re-election campaign said the stop was part of a campaign strategy. >>> now to west virgin
was in session two years ago. a ruling is expected in a few months. >> new york yankees infielder alex rodriguez taking major league baseball and player union to court looking to overturn a season long, 162 game suspension handed down over the use of performance-enhacing drugs. the third bhasman denies doping. his lawyers say baseball is on a quest to destroy the super star. the arbitrator say there is evidence rodriguez used three banned substances and twice tried to obstruct baseball drug investigation. >> former nba player charles smith is playing defense for fellow basketball star dennis rodman after a trip to asia. rodman apologized for not being able to help kenneth bay, the american mission yary detained more than a year in north korea. rodman apologized for making controversial comments about bay's detention from north korea. smith said the controversy overshadowed what is supposed to be a goodwill visit. >> dennis is not a member of the state department. not a member of the un. for them to put the flag in his sxhand say go negotiate, and talk about it, he probably would have made it wor
. york yankees slugger alex rodriguez has sued major league baseball and players union. seeking to overturn season long suspension. over the weekend arbitrator ruled clear evidence that a rod used banned substances and tried to disrupt the drug investigation. he suspended a rod for the entire 2014 season. relief in west virginia. lifting the tap water ban for the rest of the state. five days, 300,000 people in nine counties have not been able to use the water that's because a tainted spill tainted the elk river. west virginia's governor says testing shows the water is safe to use. the ban is slowly being lifted one area at a time. and in israel today a final farewell to former prime minister ariel sharon. after state ceremony after the israeli parliament building. sharon was laid to rest at family ranch in southern israel. vice president joe biden and british prime minister tony blair were among the world leaders at the funeral. sharon died on saturday eight years after a stroke left him in a coma. dennis rodman apologizing again after latest trip to north korea. rodman today a
information may have been hacked. >> michael eaves is here with the big story in sports, alex rodriguez, fighting back against major league baseball. but you talk about a stack of evidence stacked against him. >> the only person that thinks it's not stacked against him ask rodriguez himself. at the time the initial 211 game suspension, rodriguez vowed to fight those allegation he through any and all means available. and today's lawsuit filing falls right in line with that. the lawsuit seeks to overturn the 162 game suspension handed out by arbitrator fred horowitz. are refusal to entertain evidence that was pertinent to and material to the outcome. the lawsuit also claims that the players association completely abdicated its responsibility to protect rodriguez' rights and created an environment in which mlb felt competent to tramp on rodriguez rights. joe pina explains why he thinks the 161 game suspension is unwarranted. >> i'm amazed. obstruct justice by forcing and compelling witnesses, threatening witnesses and they have the gall, the gall to cues alex rodriguez of obstructing the i
there, fox5. the big story there tonight is yankees superstar alex rodriguez, ark-rod, suing major league baseball over his season-long suspension for using performance enhancing drugs. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. we're gonna be late. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh are we early? [ malennouncer ] mmute yo way with the bold, all-w nissan rogue. ♪ with the bold, all-w nissan rogue. millions have raised their hand for the proven relief of the purple pill. and that relief could be in your hand. for many, nexium helps relieve heartburn symptoms from acid reflux disease. find out how you can save at there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea if you have persistent diarrhea, contact you
of an ad campaign that featured christie, after "superstorm sandy". baseball star alex rodriguez filed suit today to overturn his record suspension for doping. on saturday, an arbitrator ruled rodriguez must sit out the entire 2014 season. he cited "clear and convincing evidence" of using banned drugs and obstructing an investigation. rodriguez denies the charges. his federal suit names major league baseball and the players union. >> ifill: still to come on the "newshour", questions of oversight for the company behind west virginia's chemical spill. a case of presidential power before the supreme court. bringing seniors into the internet age. how your zip code affects how long and well you live. the progress and perils of diplomacy with iran. and anger in haiti, over the possible origins of a cholera crisis. >> woodruff: a few drips of good news greeted residents of west virginia today, but the fall out from last weeks chemical spill is far from over. >> woodruff: there's finally relief for some of the 300,000 west virginians who've been unable to drink, cook or even bathe with tap water f
sharon. he was honored earlier today in jerusalem with a state ceremony. >>> lawyers for alex rodriguez are heading to court to overturn his season-long suspension. >>> biojen cyst tony bosch has refuted his innocence. the pilots of a southwest airlines plane that landed at the wrong missouri airport have been grounded. their plane took off a little while ago bound for tulsa. the original plane was supposed to touchdown in branson but landed at a runway half a length necessary. inside story is next on al jazeera america. >> the plain language of the constitution seems pretty clear. it's the wrestling match between the president and a divided senate is a little muddy. the supreme court is the referee on this "inside story." >> hello, i'm ray suarez. you can find it right there in the institution, which is the handbook for running the country, article 2, section 2, the president shall have power to fill vacancy that is accept during the breaking of the senate. what did those framers mean? at a time of horsepower transportation that the president could fill a job without waiting for everyo
's university. evan, is this suit going to hold? what are the prospects? >> it will be difficult for alex rodriguez to win this. is veryal court, it difficult to overturn an arbitration ruling. time, a rod has made this out to be a witchhunt --the part of but ceiling bud selig. is there a vendetta at work or is he seeing things that is not there? >> i think he has a history of saying things. he has always been a lightning rod ever since he signed veteran -- that contract with the rangers. hee he earned i contract, has had that bull's-eye on his back and he feels that unlike the under par players -- the other players. they all played guilty. he chose to fight. originally it was 211 games. strong he willry probably never play major league baseball again. >> one of the questions we had with the suspension is that it seemed arbitrary. there was nothing in the cba that said he could do that. i was surprised to see the result being a 162 game suspension. where do you think that came from? >> i thought would hundred 50 games would be what we see. 211 we could not quantify. where did it come fro
for the ruler's birthday party. >> let's not and say you did. thank you kimberly. >>> alex rodriguez has just filed a lawsuit against major league baseball players union. it was promised and here it is. asking the u.s. federal court judge to throw out the decision, and evidence indicated he had used banned substances. still ahead, from al jazeera, removing religion from the workplace. how the government in quebec plans to do just that. tblp and whether saving some members of endangered species is worth >> welcome back to al jazeeraam. the moral monday protest that began in north carolina last year are spreading to georgia. the demonstrations are in response to what some call right wing policies, demonstrators gather around the state capitol while legislators meet there. robert, we picked you out. tell us bit more about the moral monday movement. >> yes, hello township. it is a rainy day on the steps of atlanta's state capitol. the montage of individuals who are here to start moral monday. this particular movement started in north carolina last april. it has expanded quite rapidly. in fact at
the water could have an odor but it is now safe. >>> new york yankee slugger alex rodriguez and his legal team back in a courtroom fighting his one-year suspension for steroid use. he filed suit against mlb after an arbitrator decided to uphold his 162-game suspension meaning he'll be out for the upcoming season. yankee fans are mad. he's ineligible for postseason play. last night on "60 minutes" the founder of the clinic that claims he personally injected a-rod with peds spoke publicly for the first time. >> all of them banned? >> yes. he knew that. i knew that. >> was rodriguez injecting himself with these substances? >> alex is scared of needles so at times he would ask me to inject. >> you have injected him? >> yes. >> personally. >> that massive security breach at target looks like it spans far beyond the megachain stores. upscale er neiman marcus will investigate its own data breach. the company reportedly discovered the cyberattack in december from its credit card processor but it is still not disclosing how many shoppers were affected by the hack. officials now believe that neima
. >> alex rodriguez is suing the major league baseball group and its commissioner. up in his season- long suspension for 2014. we did think this headline would cross earlier today. a manhattan judge said he could file an unredacted suit. his lawyer has asked for a partial redacted suit. once again, alex rodriguez the mlb.- suing you you have a six week earning season that happened four times a year, then you have about seven weeks that are off-season. iny went back and found earning season, 10 stock to rally about .5% versus the off- season when they rally more than three times, 1.7%. when you look at this over 10 years, the difference is incredible. look at this. the off-season earnings returned about 66% over 10 years, versus 19% during earnings season. at the beginning of the season, you sell all your stocks, get through earning season, and then buy them back. fascinating. when we look at it this season in particular, this is a concern. the negative to positive preannouncement ratio is 8.4 to one. there are 8.4 times as many companies saying earnings are not going to be good
league baseball against alex rodriguez are frightening. if i'm a major league baseball player right now, i'm horrified by what went down. there was criminal conduct in an effort to try to get alex rodriguez. >> tacopina also said they are not afraid of the mlb, in fact he said that he and rodriguez would agree to allow all of his arbitration sworng trance vicini scripts. you have the 49ers, they'll be taking on the seahawk this is weekend. and when tickets for this sunday's game went on sale today, some people, and i'm talking to you californians, specifically, you were blocked from getting seats, at least if you try to go through the seattle seahawks website. really? cnn correspondent rachel nichols joins me now. i read about this this morning, and i thought, if this is true, how do they get away with this in seattle? >> you can sell your tickets to whoever you want to? and seattle wants to preserve its advantage. the crowd in seattle is the -- the crowd comes into it as the 12th member on the team. it's considered the best home field advantage of the league, they have set records on t
. >>> the attorney for new york yankee star slugger alex rodriguez says he plans to file suit in federal court as early as today. he's trying to have a-rod's season-long suspension for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs overturn. in arbitrator issued that warning saturday actually reducing a-rod's suspension from 211 games to 162 games plus all playoff games next season assuming yankees make the playoffs. major league baseball's key witness in its case against a-rod was on "60 minutes" last night. in a bombshell interview, the founder of that now closed florida anti-ageing clinic talked about the banned substances that he claims that he supplied to rodriguez. >> testosterone, insulin growth factor 1, human growth hormone, and some different forms of steroids. >> was rodriguez injecting himself with these substances? >> alex is scared of needles so at times he would ask me to inject. >> a-rod's attorney went on the offensive this morning. >> the only evidence in this case comes from the one man, tony bosh, an individual who has all the motives to lie about alex rodriguez and an individ
these issues and a lot more. jim acosta, thanks very much. >>> alex rodriguez band for the season, but he's not going down without another fight. can he really hope, though, to be back in the field this year? we'll take a closer look. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom. >>> going to update what we know involving the evacuation of the school in katy, texas, outside houston, texas. you're looking at pictures courtesy of our affiliate, kprc, in houston. houston fbi is now assisting with the katy, texas, high school evacuation. harris county sheriff's office remains the lead agency. they're looking into a suspicious device, potential explosive device, as explained by our affiliate, kprc. they issued a statement, the school district, a little while ago saying students have been evacuated to an he enclosed are. water is being provided to the s
? rodriguez -- alex rodriguez firing back. what his attorney, joe tacopina is telling fox business. dennis: chrysler unveiling challenge to toyota camry and honda accord. of the sighs letter's ceo on the new 2015 chrysler 200 coming right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how did edward jones become one of the biggest financial services companies in the country? hey. yours? not anymore. come on in. [ male announcer ] by meing you more tn halfway. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria. try fixodent. it helps create a od seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, d forget it. dennis: chrysler hoping to give one of its models a new look to help put the automaker back on the map and become a bigger player in the mid-size auto segment. jeff flock live from the detroit auto show on the floor. jeff? >> does this look like the chrysler 200 to you what they used to call the sebring? of the even sergio marchionne said, wow, that has a lot of last tick in it. i don't like that one. speaki
in sports could spend 2014 at home. >> alex rodriguez continues to deny using drugs while playing for the new york yankee and his attorneys are asking the judge to reverse the decision made by a arbitrator under the collective bargaining agreement. there appears to be evidence against rodriguez. bosh said a-rod knew what he was doing and if you are watching 60 minutes, he gave blood samples and took blood samples to help him pete drug test. he met him in a men's room inside of a popular miami hotel. >> we ended up drawing the blood in the bathroom of one restaurant/bar/club in the bathroom stall at 8 o'clock p.m. >> with the crowd there. >> people coming in and out of the men's room and you are in a stall with alex rodriguez drawing his blood? >> yes. as crazy as that sounds. what were you thinking? >> i am not getting paid enough. >> bosh said a-rod's associates said they would pay him to leave the country and indirectly threatened his life. and rodriguez said it is a vendetta against him. they say the slugger has no credibility. >> he wants to sue to prove he is innocent and he
. >>> an attorney for alex rodriguez is taking one last swing today asking a federal court to block the season-long suspension handed down for the yankee slugger saturday. a-rod was suspended for his connection to a florida clinic that provided performance enhancing drugs to other major leaguers. last night on "60 minutes," the founder of that clinic claimed he personally injected a-rod with performance enhancing drugs. a-rod's attorney calls the claim unbelievable and the third baseman says he plans to attend spring training next month. ♪ [ male announcer ] what kind of energy is so abundant, it can help provide the power for all this? natural gas. ♪ more than ever before, america's electricity is generated by it. exxonmobil uses advanced visualization and drilling technologies to produce natural gas... powering our lives... while reducing emissions by up to 60%. energy lives here. ♪ yep...doh. [ boy ] slurpably fun and a good source of calcium. dads who get it, get go-gurt. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health c
the president and the senate. a-rod swinging back at his critics. lawyers for the yankee slugger alex rodriguez plans to fight his year-long suspension in federal court. >> west virginia's governor is expected to speak shortly on the water situation in his state and we'll bring you that live when it happens. residents may soon be able to use their tap water again but contamination levels aren't low enough to lift the ban on drinking and washing. jonathan, i guess my question if not for drinking and washing, what can the tap water be used for? >> really the only thing they're allowed to use the water for is flushing. that's the only thing the officials say its safe for. at this point we're expecting the governor to give us an update soon but as of this minute the word is residents are not supposed to use their tap water. the good news there is water available. there is a lot of bottled water and there are a lot of tankers like the one you see behind me full of water. the hospital providing water. as this goes into yet another day and another hour a lot of people are frustrated. elizabeth fraser
keep on coming. >>> major league baseball slaps alex rodriguez with a year long suspension. we'll talk about his response and "60 minutes" treatment he got last night as the founder of the anti-aging treatment in south florida tells all. >> was rodriguez injecting himself with these substances? >> alex is scared of needles so at times he would ask me to inject. >> you injected him personally? >> personally. u. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or a
-rod swinging back at his critics. lawyers for the yankee slugger alex rodriguez plans to fight his year-long suspension in federal court. >> west virginia's governor
taking that step. but it's not as if the yankees don't have recourse. what they could do is relegate alex rodriguez to the minor league camp if he does show up. he is not part of the roster, that is an option. if that happens the yankees could instruct him don't hit to him, don't throw to him. he could be an expensive bystander if he decides to show up. the yankees are hoping that he'll decide to stay home and they won't have to deal with the unpleasantness. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> wall street beginning the week with a yawn. the nasdaq is trading a bit higher. investors are playing it close to the invest. ahead of big reports on corporate earnings coming later in the week. the target ceo said the company is going to make significant changes regarding massive data breaches. the company is working with law enforcement officials. he didn't go into detail on how target plans to prevent such a tax in the future. more bad news for lulu lemon. the upscale athletic clothing maker is cutting its quarterly sales forecast. it has meaningful reduction in business. you may remember last mo
. general motors making the rounds of the detroit auto show. and the big story, alex rodriguez firing back. another lawsuit to try to stop his suspension from madeley baseball. his attorney will be with us in the studio this hour. coming up on "markets now." all right. pretty jampacked show we have if i may say so myself. dagen: so much on tv yesterday could not watch it all. connell: we will talk about that, and the a-rod thing. dagen: starts coming off of some of this morning losses. nicole petallides with more. nicole: and action-packed hour indeed. the nasdaq composite higher. the s&p slightly lower, the dow down 14 points, 16,423. the fury next taking a breather. volatility, a lot of stock they have been covering, earnings season getting underway. now we will watch a lot of the bank earnings. the jobs report in which showed obviously americans still looking for work. general motors, no you will be covering the general motors stories as well. it turns out they are the closest it has ever been to reinstating a dividend. so we did have the chief financial officer talking about reinstatin
out of the sports world. yankees slugger alex rodriguez taking the battle over his suspension to federal court this after a ruling over the weekend that the highest paid player in major league baseball will be out for the entire 2014 season as punishment for his alleged drug use. rick leventhal is live with more. rick, big interview last night on "60 minutes." they talked about the man, they talked to the man billed as heart of the scandal. what did we learn that we hadn't learn before. >> reporter: anthony bosch who ran the miami clinic who allegedly provided performance-enhancing drugs to alex rodriguez and more than dozen other players he defended himself but had a lot to say about a-rod himself. 13 players accepted the suspension after the scandal broke. a-rod appealed and found up finishing the on the field. bosch, mlb's principle witness says a-rod was very aggressive and motivated to cheat hoping to become the sole member of the 800 home run club. >> once alex rodriguez was fully into your protocol, what were the various banned substance that is he was taking? >> testos
the visit. >>> alex rodriguez's attorneys are expected to fight his 162-game suspension today and file an appeal in federal court. a-rod's accuser and key witness, anthony bosch, speaking out on "60 minutes" sunday, saying he personally injected the third baseman with steroids and said a-rod was obsessed with one thing. >> he wanted to achieve all his human performance or in this case, sports performance objective. the most important one was the 800 home run club. >> the 800 home run club. >> which was only going to have one member. alex rodriguez. >> a-rod's lawyers released a statement rejecting tony bosch's claims saying alex will continue to fight. >>> now to last night's golden globes awards. co-host tina fey and amy poehler dazzling the room again with their quick wit and zingers. "american hustle" snagging two awards, jennifer lawrence won acting awards and the film itself won best comedy. leonardo dee capp rio won for "wolf on wall street." "12 years a slave" was shut out until best motion picture drama. "breaking bad" took home best drama and brian cranston won for best actor
about the new york yankees. third baseman alex rodriguez struck out. he has been suspended for the entire 20 14 season for using performance-enhancing drugs. he will forfeit his $25 million salary this year. it could cost hundreds of millions of dollars more in lost business and endorsement deals. i went to bring in bloomberg news sports reporter scott. we know what this means for immediate,rms of the could there be a silver lining for the new york yankees? lining. a goldplated they are having a great time. has underperformed in the last several years, he is the player inid baseball, if they could get rid of that salary for the next four years, they would. it lets them get under the luxury tax, they can add another pitcher, perhaps. without having to pay the luxury tax. this is the best thing that could have happened to the new york yankees. >> is there a chance they will get relief beyond the 162 games? >> this is it. >> let's say at the end of next season, he is not healthy. his hip is bothering him, he cannot play. >> insurance picks up the rest should hetract, retire be
can watch the entire interview on cnbc. >>> the attorney for new york yankees star alex rodriguez is asking a court to block the season long suspension handed down saturday. rodriguez has never failed a drug test. he was suspended for his ties to a florida clinic that provided performance-enhancing drugs to other major leaguers. on "60 minutes" sunday, the former head of that clinic said a-rod turned to him and banned substances to reach his career home run goal. >> he wanted to achieve all his human performance or in this case sports performance objective. and the most important one was the 800 home run club. >> well bosh said he personally injected rodriguez with p.e.d.s. a-rod's attorney calls that claim unbelievable. >>> and pants were apparently optional for subway riders in cities around the world on sunday. it was all part of the 13th annual no pants subway ride. in new york, thousands of people met outside and poured into subway stations. and in mexico city, more of the same, about 800,000 cheeky riders took part. the event started in 2001 by a new york improv comedy group
, january 13th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." baseball superstar alex rodriguez responds to the new "60 minutes" report. scott pelley in studio 57 with s on the man who said he injected a-rod are performance enhancing drugs. >>> how did a flight end up at the wrong airport? >>> plus another big retailer warning their customers. >>> and mo rocca goes behind the scenes at "sesame street" where the iconic cast can be quite a handful. >>> we begin with a look at the days "eye-opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> so at times he would ask me to inject. >> you injected him? >> yes. >> personally? >> personally. >> "60 minutes" speaks to the man at the center of a baseball doping scandal. >> rodriguez' people told you to go to colombia and they'd take care of you there. >> and they'd take care of me there. >> there's no allegation he bribed anyone. >> in my judgment, his actions were beyond comprehension. >> nobody really knew what was going on. >> the federal aviation administration is investigating how a southwest airlines plane landed at the wrong airport. >> rest ass
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. >>> today attorneys for alex rodriguez are filing an appeal in court fighting his 162-game suspensi suspension. a-rod says he plans to attend spring training with the yankees, despite the suspension. his accuser, anthony bosch, did not help rodriguez's cause. he told "60 minutes" he personally injected a-rod with steroids and he was obsessed with hitting 800 home runs. >>> controversy in the world of figure skating just weeks before the sochi olympic games. the u.s. figure skating association named ashley wagner to the team of three, despite finishing fourth at nationals after falling twice in her long program. it bumps third place finisher off the team, but wagner has been the most successful in international competition and because of that, the u.s. is bringing three and not two skaters to the olympics. what's getting lost in all this, gracie gold's first national championship, she and pau lee that edmonds round out the team that will head to sochi. >>> target's ceo in its first interview is apologizing to as many as 110 million customers who may be victims. >> as time goes on, we
. >>> now the new details surrounding the biggest doping ban in baseball history. lawyers for alex rodriguez heading to federal court this morning trying to overturn the superstar's season-long suspension. and the man who allegedly gave rodriguez performance-enhancing drugs is speaking out. abc's ryan smith has the story for us. >> reporter: this morning, alex rodriguez's camp is going to federal court. his attorney tells abc news he'll file a new lawsuit to overturn the historic 162-game suspension handed down by an arbitrator this weekend. >> the allegations specific to this charge are lies. >> reporter: in an interview with "60 minutes" the man who allegedly supplied a-rod and other major league baseball stars with performance-enhancing drugs and is now a key witness against the yankee slugger, describes a litany of drugs he says he claims he gave rodriguez. >> testosterone. insulin growth factor one. human growth hormone. and, some -- different forms of peptides. >> reporter: in the interview, bosh makes stunning claims about how far a-rod would go in his alleged drug use. >> we ended up
of the detroit auto show. and the big story, alex rodriguez firing back. another lawsuit to try to stop his suspension from madeley baseball. his attorney will be with us in the studio this hour. coming up on "markets now."
goes on in north korea politically but it is certainly not his fault. >>> alex rodriguez fight against major league baseball goes on. you heard from one of a-rod's attorneys who tells cnn he is filing sued to overturn the 2014 regular season and postseason ban. a 162-game suspension, the argument, is unprecedented since he never failed a drug test. another picture of a-rod is emerging, this one delivers by the bio genesis founder, anthony boesch. he alleges he gave him a drugstore of banned substances and even told him how to beat the system. >> what were the various banned substances that he was taking? >> testosterone, insulin growth factor, one, human growth hormone, and some different forms of peptides. >> all of them bad? >> all of them banned. >> he added to that some testosterone-laced gummy bears that he munched on while he was in the dugout. rachel nichols joins me. a-rod keeps saying, i never failed a drug test but neither did lance armstrong. >> reporter: testing is behind the cheaters. you can't invent a drug test to test a drug protocol that hasn't invented itself. they ar
where that happened. bill: also here's a bombshell yet. alex rodriguez taking a last swing trying to fight the year-long suspension as the man who dropped the dime on him goes public. >> he asked me to inject. >> you injected him? >> yes. >> personally? >> personally. gs accounts? that's right, no hidd fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh... surprise!!! um... well, it's true. at ally there are no hidden fees. not one. that's nice. no hidden fees, no worries. ally bank. your money needs an ally. because an empty pan is a blank canvas. [ woman #2 ] to share a moment. [ woman #3 ] to travel the world without leaving home. [ male announcer ] whatever the reason. whatever the dish. make it delicious with swanson. but by their face...forever. the gillette fusion proglide, for unrivaled comfort even on sensitive skin. gillette -- the best a man can get. bill: severe weather across parts of north carolina over the weekend left this in its wake. >> the windows -- whoa, no, look at that! bill: that's, that's a moment where you say, we'
and chris christie denied knowledge of the close humidity. >> lawyers for alex rodriguez will file a new suit challenging the 162-game suspension resulting in the arbitration hearing. the yankees third baseman was given a 211-game suspension if association to a company which supplies banned substances for several major league players. the suspension was cut to 152 games so a-rod will miss the entire season and $25 million in earnings. he is confident the ruling will be overturned. >> trading is underway on wall street and the dow is down 25 points at 16,411. ford kick off the 2014 detroit auto show by reviewing the all new version of the top-selling f-150 pickup. the new model has the biggest containing in the weight. the new aluminum body is 700 pounds lighter so that means better fuel efficiency. >> dunkin' donuts could come to your neighborhood opening 400 new stores in the united states this year. in california, colorado, and texas where they say they see big growth opportunities. the brand is based in massachusetts and it owns baskin robbins ice cream. >> a big night at the golden g
this morning. >> all right, thank you. >> all right, 6:51, fans and friends of alex rodriguez will not see him on the ball field this year but they should see him in court. coming up his partial win. >> and it looks like the arsonist who has been terrorizing downtown san jose for the past week has been quiet this morning. i am kit doe. we have a live report coming up. ...this one's the busiest. house... so you want it to be the cleanest. that's why you need lysol. because when you use bleach, some stains are left behind. as this dye reveals. lysol toilet bowl cleaner does more. it removes the tough stains that bleach doesn't, and it also disinfects. so why just bleach? with lysol you can do more. that's healthing. and for a clean and fresh toilet with every flush, try lysol no mess automatic cleaner. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams] for ovnights can feel califolong and lonely.dren, i miss my sister. i miss my old school. i miss my room. i don't want special treatment. i just wanna feel normal. to help, sleep train is collecting pajamas for foster children, big and small. bri
and minneapolis. >>> moving on now to suspended baseball slugger alex rodriguez. over the weekend, an arbitrator reduced his suspension for allegedly using illegal performance-enhancing drugs from 211 games to 162 games. >> today, a-rod and his attorneys are filing suit in federal court. they'll challenge the suspension. this is a separate lawsuit from the one that rodriguez filed in october that accused investigators of illegal behavior. >> there is no basis in reality for 162 games. there is no factual basis. there is to legal basis in the joint drug agreement if the collective bargaining agreement for anything more than 50 games. >> rodriguez maintains his innocence. last night on cbs, tony bosh, who allegedly provided the drugs, says he knows a-rod is guilty because he injected the drugs for him in the past. >>> all right, this bmx stunt rider in texas must have been at maximum alertness. check this guy out. matt olson rides up and down the six 24-foot arches of a bridge in downtown ft. worth. >> wow. the top of that concrete arch is no wider than a sidewalk and has no guardrails. he said th
details on disgraced baseball star alex rodriguez's alleged doping program. mlb's key witness in the case against a-rod saying it started in 2010 and included drugs, like testosterone and human growth hormone. >> all of them banned. >> all of them banned. >> and he knew that? >> yes, he did. and i knew that. >> was rodriguez injecting himself with these substances? >> at times he would ask me to inject. >> you injected him? >> yes. >> personally? >> personally. >> the mlb handed down a 162-game ban to the yankees slugger saturday. a-rod maintains his innocence. his lawyers saying they plan to appeal this. >>> he's had three knee surgeries, a ruptured spleen and his front teeth knocked out seven times. so, what does 25-year-old bmx rider do, ride over the arches while cars drive below him. a police officer let him off with a warning when he got to the other end of the bridge in ft. worth, texas. >> a warning? >> a warning. my friend, the number of times his teeth got knocked out -- >> they live for the rush, right? >> were you a bmx rider? >> no. you? >> crazy, man. let's talk weather. you
>>> you're in a stall with alex rodriguez drawing his blood. >> yes. as crazy as that sounds. >> a-rod's accuser speaks in an interview with "60 minutes." the director of an anti-aging clinic says he provided and administered performance-enhancing drugs to baseball superstar alex rodriguez. >> all of them bad. >> o bad. >> and he knew that. >> yes, he did. >>> iran and six world powers finalize an agreement that puts a temporary hold on the iranian nuclear program, but could action by u.s. lawmakers sink the deal? >>> and some of the biggest stars of film and tv are honored at the golden globe while hosts tina fey and amy poehler gore for comedic gold. >> it's a story about how george clooney would rather float away in space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, january 13th, 2014. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. today alex rodriguez plans to file suit to overturn to ruling that bans the new york yankee from baseball for the entire 2014 season. on saturday the
and calling for the prime minister to resign and a-rod swinging back at the critics and alex rodriguez plan to fight the year-long suspension in federal court. ♪ good morning and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. foreign dignitaries from around the world are in israel today to say farewell to ariel sharon, and the controversial military leader passed away saturday at the age of 85 after 8 years in a coma and honored earlier today in jerusalem during a state ceremony outside the israeli parliament. the memorial was attended by current israeli prime minister netanyahu, a one time foe of sharon and joe biden on hand calling sharon a complex man who put his country first. >> ariel sharon was not only loved by the jewish people and he not only loved them as the jewish people but he loved the land of israel. >> reporter: sharon's body will then begin a procession from jerusalem to his ranch in southern israel and casket accompanied by 8 defense force general and at 7:00 eastern time, under an hour from now sharon will be buried in a military military setting and mourners have ga
in afghanistan. it took in $38 million in ticket sales. and alex rodriguez says he is confident that his 150 two game suspension will be overturned. in an e-mail statement, he said that the deck had been stacked against him since day one. the suspension was reduced in a ruling over the weekend. >> i am not a test. scarlet fu is the yankees fan. can he come back and play? >> i do not know about the yankees, but he can play in general. >> he does not lose all of his money. --n if it's a disability >> he loses his base salary for 2014. he also misses onus is. -- bonuses. >> i do not care what people berman thinks about this. what do you think? did he get his day in court? >> i think you did. it makes me sad. he is a great player. >> you are set for him? are you kidding? >> it is a sad situation. >> why? >> athletes make decisions. this is not the first mega-crisis that we have had with a household name. >> think about the scandal around chris whalen. if you look at arbitration, you want to know, is arbitration appropriate here? should he have a day in court? >> you can always appeal in arbitration
quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. morning in the alex rodriguez alleged doping scandal. the slugger is planning to file a lawsuit as soon as today to challenge his 162-game ban. john berman is here with more. that was a big interview. >> 162 games is the longest suspension for performance-enhancing drugs in baseball history. why so long? there are the stunning new allegations this morning for the man who said he gave a-rod drugs and allegedly, changed hundreds and hundreds of text messages with the star about how to beat the tests. >> testosterone, insulin growth factor one, human growth hormone and some different forms of peptieds. >> reporter: a new damaging blow for embattled baseball star alex rodriguez. the former chief of biogen sis telling "60 minutes" he personally delivered and injected rodriguez with banned substances. >> alex is scared of needles. so at times he would ask me to inject. >> you've injected him? >> yes. >> personally? >> yes. >> reporter: an arbitrator has banned a-rod for 162 games, the entire season. but a-rod is not done yet saying "have i be
status. >>> meantime now that alex rodriguez's suspension from baseball has been reduced, his attorneys are going to court today. a-rod's suspension was cut from over 200 games to 162 games on saturday. today his attorneys are filing suit in federal court, challenging the suspension. last night on "60 minutes" tony bosch who allegedly provided rodriguez with illegal drugs, he says he knows a-rod is guilty because he injected the drugs in the past. a-rod maintains his innocence. >>> for the second time in two months, a large jet has landed at the wrong airport. last night a southwest jet landed in branson, missouri, after flying in from chicago. the problem is the airport where it landed was about eight miles from where it should have landed. southwest sent ground crews from the correct airport to assist the 129 people on board. no one was hurt. southwest and several federal agencies are now investigating the incident. >>> frightening moments on another commercial airliner after a pilot has a major midair health crisis with 130 people on board. fortunately two nurses just happened to be
conference last week. did you all see "60 minutes" last night, alex rodriguez? >> saw a lot of it. >> is one year enough if it's all true? it's got to be over. >> he's going to be 40 years old and he's had injuries. if he comes back, he'll be a shell of the man he once was. >> we will get to that and show you part of that interview on "60 minutes" with scott pelley "american hustle" sweeping two of the female acting categories. amy adams and jennifer lawrence won it. the movie won for a comedy or musical which is strange because it wasn't either. in the dramatic acting categories, this i think was a big surprise but well surprised. matthew mcconaughey won and cate blanchett for "blue jasmine." a lot of people were surprised, 12 years a slave" was shut out but it did win the big one. our friend john ridley was behind that movie. big night for "breaking bad" won. as for the comedies, "brooklyn 99" won best tv comedy and andy sandberg won best actor in a comedy. and amy poehler won. "snl" between tina and amy and amy wins the award and jimmy fallon is there and lawrence michael cutways, his mas
the rescuers dot org >>> you're in a stall with alex rodriguez drawing his blood. >> yes. as crazy as that sounds. >> a-rod's accuser speaks in an interview with "60 minutes." the director of an anti-aging clinic says he provided and administered performance-enhancing drugs to baseball superstar alex rodriguez. >> all of them bad. >> o bad. >> and he knew that. >> yes, he did. >>> iran and six world powers finalize an agreement that puts a temporary hold on the iranian nuclear program, but could action by u.s. lawmakers sink the deal? >>> and some of the biggest stars of film and tv are honored at the golden globe while hosts tina fey and amy poehler gore for comedic gold.
hours to actually report it. >>> for yankees third baseman, alex rodriguez, the 2014 season will be one to remember and for all the wrong reasons. on saturday, the majority of major league baseball suspension of a-rod was upheld by an arbitrator. rodriguez will now sit out, 162 of the 211 games he was initially suspended for the entire uncoming season. he will be ineligible for postseason play. he reacted through a statement that read in part, no player should have to go through what i have been dealing with. i'm exhausting all options to ensure that i get justice and that players' contracts and rights are protected through the next round of bargaining and that the mlb investigation and arbitration process cannot be used against others in the future the way it is currently being used unjustly to punish me. the founder of the biogenesis clinic spoke last night. >> he would study the doses because he wanted to achieve all of his sports performance objective, the most important one was the 800 home run club. >> the 800 home run club. >> which was only going to have one member, alex rodrigu
the hour. lawyers for alex rodriguez today plan to ask a federal judge to block his season-long suspension. an arbitrator this weekend ruled that rodriguez should be out for the entire 2014 season, including any potential playoff games for the yankees. this was actually a reduction in the 211 games that major league baseball wanted to suspend him. still a huge suspension. rodriguez has long claimed that baseball went after him as a kind of witch hunt and insists, still, that he did not break the rules. there was a stunning interview last night on "60 minutes" with new details about this investigation, including text messages between rodriguez and the man who says that he actually injected rodriguez with these performance-enhancing drugs. we'll have much more information about this coming up later on "new day." >> he said alex was afraid of needles, so he did it. wow. >>> coming up, what a weekend in the nfl. we know now who's one step away from the super bowl. >> tom brady. >> and who's packing up and heading home. andy scholes will have all the highlights and will help me tamp down john b
fest embattled baseball scar alex rodriguez fighting back against an mlb suspensi suspension. >> a restaurant chain getting blasted for asking a disabled child to take off her sneakers. how the franchise is responding today after the fallout. fox and friends first starts right now. >> good morning. it is monday january 13th. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley aiearhardt. >> they are gathering to pay respects of ariel sharon. >> connor powell life at sharon's ranch in southern israel with what is planned today. connor? >> well, good morning guys. in southern israel where ariel sharon's ranch is, we are only about five miles from the border of gaza. there was no damage nobody was injured it is not even clear if the rockets landed inside israel. security precautions are at a heightened level across the country. a few minutes ago a memorial service for former prime minister ariel sharon. he is being honored biden leading the delegation there. benning netanyahu called him a great leader and a rare man. sharon was a controversial person here. h
, alex rodriguez, alleged doping program, his key witness against a-rod said it started in 2010 and including drugs like testosterone and human growth hormone. >> all of them bad? >> all of them bad. >> he knew that? >> he knew that. >> yes, you did. >> and you knew that? >> i knew that. >> was rodriguez injecting himself with these substances? >> alex is scared of needles. so at times he would ask me to inject. >> you've injected him. >> yes. >> personally? >> yes. >> and mlb handed down a 162-game band to the yankees slugger, saturday? he maintains his innocence. his lawyers say they plan to appeal. >>> check out this, seeing is believing stunt. bmx rider, matt olson, nails an epic ride on the arches of the new 7th street bridge in ft. worth, texas. he had one shot riding over 12, 24-feet high arches while all the cars were just driving below him. that makes you nervous, doesn't? >> it does, it does. you have one chance at that, my friend. do not fall off the edge >>> good morning, veronica. the nfl conference championship games are set. first up, san diego and denver. san die
in crowded tent camps. yankees baseball store alex rodriguez stands by claims he never used performance enhancing drugs. today, tony bosch called him a liar in a "60 minutes" interview. he said he injected the slugger. he said he wanted to be the only player to hit 800 home runs. yesterday. you can hear some of that interview coming up later troubled women turn their lives around. it not only rehab i thinktates them but employees them. ramon johnson. >> a thistle stop t when you start talking to the women behind the counter, you realize it's different. >> from living the life that i live, i thought by now i should be dead. >> it's been a long, agnizing road for alletha walton to stay clean and soaper. doing whatever it took to get high. for most of her life, she was selling her body, even with two kids at home. >> when i hit the streets, i started using again. i started walking all hours of the night, jumping in and out of cars with men i did not know, prostituting my body, getting high. >> she is doing better now. this non-profit founded by an episcopal priest has been helping troubled
. [booing] the commissioner of baseball is talking about alex rodriguez, the yankee all-star who has been suspended for all of next season. at the center of baseball's unprecedented investigation is the key witness, tony bosch, who ran a secret doping clinic and speaks tonight for the first time. >> alex was scared of needles, so at times he wound ask me to inject. >> you've injected him? >> yes. >> pelley: personally? >> yes. >> pelley: but baseball's investigation into a-rod goes much further, and you'll hear details of that tonight. >> a 7.1 earthquake hit the san francisco oakland area on... >> october 17, 1989. >> stahl: when we first did this story, there were only six people known to have this remarkable memory ability in the world. there are now close to 60, including jake. >> i just have that type of memory that can remember everything. >> stahl: a ten-year-old. what happened in school on january 30, 2013? >> i'm pretty sure... oh, wait. that's a trick question. we didn't have school that day. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm
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